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Onsite Interactive One Day Workshops

  • Unlimited number of participants
  • All materials created will be provided to client

Workshop 1: Company Presentation Review (Investor/Prospect Level):

  • One-day concentrated workshop: marketing/sales presentation touch-up
  • Content: 6 – 8 hour session review, presenting, repositioning of company concept/product, modifying any necessary slides & going back to presenting
  • Output: a final template for presentation with customizable modules

Workshop 2: Business Strategy/Model/Segmentation Review (Market Level):

  • One-day concentrated workshop: business strategy/model refinement
  • Content: 6 – 8 hour in a cycle of analyzing the most recent company strategy, competitive review and business model. Modify/refine any of above based on most recent market findings with actions to continue analyzing
  • Output: a refined strategy and slide/presentation and business model description for investors