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NexLevel offers a comprehensive set of services for entrepreneurs and companies in various markets including Enterprise IT solutions, Cloud based software, Healthcare & Lifescience, Telecom, Semiconductor and Mobile Consumer. These services with a set of ancillary services are provided to companies as a tactical team or additional company resources so you can quickly scale with a strong executive team and support structure. To get more details of how these services can be obtained through our Onsite Interactive One Day Workshops or Onsite Interactive Multi Day Workshops, click here.

Internal Services:

NexLevel's senior partners are a team of been there and done that before entrepreneurs who can work with you directly to avoid missteps and allow you to launch more successfully into the US market.

Fund raising and funding Strategy - Work in conjunction with you to build a strategy and raise the next round of capital. This service includes preparing outreach presentations and materials, create a target contact list by utilizing NexLevel’s extensive network and coordinate or participate in interactions between the management team and potential investors when appropriate. NexLevel’s investor network spans wealthy individuals, angels, venture capital firms, and equity investment banks from all over the globe.

Sales – The NexLevel team believes sales is a process just like engineering or manufacturing and understanding the sales process for various technologies/services paired with complex sales channels is essential for success. We will help build a specific sales process and pipeline that will accelerate time to revenue and offer a deeper understanding of investment needs both financially and resource wise.

Marketing and Business Development – The NexLevel team has planned and launched numerous products and services in US and globally. We can help your company create, mentor, and execute a branding program by close daily coaching, executing, and collaboration with other location team members. The NexLevel team has a wide range of channel experience including SaaS, direct OEM and 3 tier channel distribution.

Technology and Roadmap Development – The NexLevel team can be your temporary CTO or work closely with your CTO and VP of product development/engineering to ensure IP is identified and protected, understand the potential gaps in the technology and determine product completeness for US markets. The team can also co-develop a multi-year roadmap for the US market.

Financial & Business Modeling – The NexLevel team can assist your company in developing a complete financial plan for internal use or investor interaction. Decisions such as accounting methodologies, revenue recognition and revenue preservation are skills that the team has dealt with and has deep knowledge and understanding of.

External services:

Nexlevel has established relationships with a number service companies that can help you get up and running when you are ready.

Public Relations/MARCOM – Access to the best Public Relations talent to bring your company instant visibility and sales in the US.

Customer Support – NexLevel will work with the clients team in establishing an appropriate network on internal, external and partnered support capabilities.

Web Design – Access to an extensive and creative group of web designers that can help develop your visibility and marketability in the US.

IT – NexLevel's office environment offers internal operational IT needs such as general MS Office, General Accounting and CRM support. NexLevel also has a breadth of partners that can provide hosting, co-location and customer support requirements.

Product Development – NexLevel has a strong network of software development partners that are both US and Asian based. NexLevel has the ability to work closely with the client to establish a truly global development capability in various market segments.

Accounting & Auditing – Access to most of the Big 4 audit firms that reach internationally and allow your investors to have comfort and trust in the your financial performance.

Taxes – Access to US and International legal and account minds that can craft the right tax strategy to maximize you corporate tax rate and potentially make your company more attractive from an acquisition viewpoint.

Intellectual Property – Access to US and International IPR expertise.  Patents are a legal mine field in the US and protecting your rights is imperative. 

Legal – Access to  US and Internationally based collaboration to address such issues as transatlantic corporate structure, US incorporation, stock options, contracts, visa's and more.